What is a Christian?

 If I am a Christian, I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

If I am a Christian, I am born again. God makes me spiritually alive.

If I am a Christian, God shows me what is wrong with me and something of how beautiful He is and how much I need Him. I begin to know Him, and He encourages me to be like Him. I learn that God loved me long before I loved Him.

If I am a Christian, I begin to love the things God loves and to hate the things He hates, things we call sins.  

If I am a Christian, I learn what is right and wrong from the Bible, His Word, and I trust what the Bible says.

If I am a Christian, I am grieved when I do not live the way God says I should. I ask God to forgive me, for the sake of Christ, at such times.

If I am a Christian, I trust that the perfect life Jesus lived and the sacrifice He gave of Himself on the cross are enough for me to enjoy God’s forgiveness and favor.

If I am a Christian, I will want to speak to God in prayer often throughout the day.

If I am a Christian, I will love others. I will try to do what is best for them, even if that means lovingly pointing out their sins and encouraging them to ask God for forgiveness and for help to change.   

If I am a Christian, I will want to be around other Christians.  I will join them for worship in a church that faithfully explains the Bible. I will want to communicate with them at other times too. They are like family.

If I am a Christian, I want to know God and His Word better. I will read the Bible often, praying for and believing that the Holy Spirit will guide me by it and that God will help me understand it.  I will use other means like Bible studies, talking to mature believers, and reading good Christian literature to help me grow spiritually. 

If I am a Christian, I will not always be what I should be.  I will sometimes fail.  But God will draw me to Himself again, leading me back to Jesus for forgiveness and help.  I may sometimes be tempted to give up, but God will never give up on me thanks to what Jesus did.  Other Christians are ready to help me too.

This is a brief description of what a Christian is. 

Am I a Christian?

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