Grace Reformed Christian Counseling Service

Why a Counseling Service?
In service to our Lord Jesus Christ, we as a church family want to serve those in our community who might be in need of a helping hand.  Though other area churches may have greater financial resources, we want to use the gifts we were given by our Lord for the good of those around us - hence the existence of this counseling service. 

Why a Christian Counseling Service?
The God Who created the heavens and the earth with a mere word, and Who made man in His own image, also provided us with a book that is foundational for all counsel needed for this life and to prepare us for eternity.  That book is the holy Bible, a book like no other.  So our premise in counseling is simple - the only reliable counsel that can be given to those in need must be based on the book God Himself gave us for this purpose.  While we access other resources in counseling, we strive to use only those that have a Biblical worldview and methodology. We also recognize and address the reality that the physical and spiritual aspects of man impact each other.

Why a Reformed Christian Counseling Service?
The Protestant Reformation, a mighty movement of God in the early sixteenth century, ushered in an era in which, after centuries of relative spiritual darkness, people began to return to the Scriptures (God's Word) as the standard for their beliefs and lifestyle.  We are not ashamed to learn from the best Christian thinkers and writers whom God raised up in succeeding generations for the purpose of building up believers everywhere.  So to borrow from the language of the Reformation, we look to God's grace alone, by faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone, according to Scripture alone, for the glory of God alone in our counseling practice.  Having said this, we want to be clear that everyone is welcome to our counseling service whether you are a Christian or not.  Please recognize, however, that the counseling you will receive will be distinctively Christian. 

Why a Free or Donation-Only Service?
Jesus once said, "Freely ye have received, freely give."  Downtown Harrison is our home.  We want to serve you, our neighbors, by means of this service.  Life is challenging enough without having to pay fees for counseling.  So our service is free.  We do gratefully receive donations if you feel so inclined.

What Are Your Qualifications for Counseling?
Pastor Foppe VanderZwaag is the main counselor with his wife Elina assisting. Previous to shepherding our small flock in Harrison, VanderZwaag was a fulltime pastor of the Heritage Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, MI for 12 years. Before He received his M.Div. from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI he was principal of a private Christian Middle School in Ontario, Canada for 12 years. During his studies at PRTS his main focus was Preaching and Biblical Counseling. He and Elina have been married over thirty years and are blessed with nine children and seven grandchildren.  

What Are Your Hours, Location, and Contact Information?
You may contact us at 870-741-4207. If you reach the answering machine, please leave a detailed message.You may also contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  We are located at 6911 East 62 Highway, Harrison, AR. We look forward to serving you, with God's help.



Service times: Sunday 10.00 am & 2.00 pm  /  where to find us
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