The Death of Death in the Death of Christ, by John Owen.

John Owen was a seventeenth century English Puritan pastor. This book was written as a defense of the doctrines of the Reformed churches and particularly the gospel, God's plan of salvation. During Owen's lifetime, certain teachings concerning the nature of the gospel became widespread in Europe that contradicted the Bible. These erroneous doctrines were commonly called Arminianism, named after Jacob Hermann (1560-1609), also known by his Latin name Arminius, a Dutch theological professor who rejected the sovereignty of God in salvation). This landmark book by Owen is considered the classic defense of God's leading role in the salvation of man. 

 The Reformed Faith and Arminianism Part 1

by John Murray
This is a more brief treatment of the same subject, extracted from a series of articles published in the Presbyterian Guardian (1935-1936).

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